DroidSheep APK Download For Android

Want to check the security vulnerabilities available in your internet connection, download Droidsheep APK for Android devices. Corsin Camichel developed this wonderful application that allows the user to intercept unprotected browsing sessions from your WiFi connection.

DroidSheep app is available on Android platform only and its installation requires rooting of the device. You can download the apk file of the application from here and if you are interested in the source code, get it from author’s Github repo. Download and install the Droid Sheep apk at your own risk as we are not responsible for any kind of damage to your device.

Before discussing the app further, we would love to mention that the developer of this application designed this app based on his Bachelor project titled “Session Hijacking on Android Devices”.

DroidSheep APK 2019

When a person connects his/her device to WiFi for web browsing or any other purpose, there are many other apps that secretly joins the party. Here, DroidSheep helps in getting information about all the packets shared between sender and receiver. It is the best way of checking security flaws on your end.

Droid Sheep Installation Requirements

Well, before installing the DroidSheep Android app on your device, read the below-given requirements:

  • DroidSheep APK
  • BusyBox
  • Android Jelly Bean / KitKat (it doesn’t work on Marshmallow)
  • Root Privileges
  • WiFi Network

Hope your device meets the above-listed requirement, now let’s jump onto an important point that is how to use DroidSheep.

How to Install Droidsheep

Here we are going to share a complete guide on how to install Droidsheep apk on Android device. In this guide, we are not going to cover rooting of device, for rooting you can watch the video tutorial HERE. There is not a single version of Droidsheep no root apk, so rooting of your phone is mandatory.

 Step 1: Download the Droidsheep APK file on your device.

Step 2: After downloading, click on the file to begin the installation process.

Step 3: Open the Droidsheep file, it will ask you to grant root permission to work properly on your device.

Step 4: Now you will be asked to install Busybox, download and install it on your device.

Step 5: On completion of installation reboot your device.

How to Use Droidsheep

Using DroidSheep 2019 apk has a very easy to use and simple interface. When you will launch the application, you will see two checkboxes:

  • ARP Spoofing
  • Generic Mode

Check one of the boxes and click the start button to begin the process.

Best DroidSheep Alternatives

If you are looking for the alternatives of Droidsheep, you can try the following applications:

  • zANTI
  • cSploit

Final Words

Download DroidSheep apk 2019 to check and analyze your personal network security. Never use it with the purpose of gaining access to someone’s online account or harm others. This application helps in identifying poor network security settings without encryption.

Z Shadow Hacker Android App

Have you ever thought to hack someone’s Facebook or Gmail account? If yeas,  then you might have heard that hacking is not a piece of cake and requires some extraordinary skills to get access of others ID.

Ethical hacking is a complete subject that is taught in colleges and universities. People spend many years to learn and practice how to hack.

But what if I tell you, that you don’t need to study anything or grab any skill to hack Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Gmail account? YES, you can do it!

You can easily gain access to someone’s login and password with the help of a utility known as Z Shadow APK app. Z-Shadow hacker is a tool that allows people to hack different social media accounts in just few clicks.

Originally its an online tool (zshadow.info) but now the utility is available for Android devices that you can download free and start the hacking process on the go.

What is Z Shadow?

If you type query in google search bar “how to hack Facbook” you will come to know that millions of people on daily basis search for this term. Which makes it the hottest search term in world’s largest search engine.

Every person has its own reasons for hacking FB or Gmail ID. You will find many ways for getting others account login and password but after testing, we believe Z shadow hacker is the best and most easiest way.

Z-Shadow hack is a web based tool that allows users to gain access to someone’s account credentials. And Z Shadow APK is the Android version of the tool, that you can install on your device to perform hacking from your smartphone.

Here we are going to post a URL to download Z-Shadow apk app and will also share a method of installing the application and how to use it on your mobile phone.

Download Z Shadow APK

Z shadow app is the Android version of the famous online Facebook hacking tool known as Z-Shadow hack. You don’t need special skills for the use of this application, its usage is very easy and allows you to perform hacking on the go.

Z Shadow Hack Features

Well, honestly speaking there isn’t much difference between the Z shadow hacker online tool and its application for Android.

It allows you to perform Facebook hacking directly from your smartphone.

Below we are enlisting some interesting features that you will enjoy after installation of z-shadow apk file on your device.

  • You can download and install Z shadow app for free.
  • It allows you to hack Facebook account on the go, from your smartphone.
  • The interface of the app is user friendly and easy to understand. This makes hacking process much easier.
  • You don’t have to create phishing links as they are automatically created, when you login your account.
  • Simply go for Z Shadow sign up and the rest of the process is very simple and easy.

How to Use Z Shadow APK

After downloading the application you need to install it on your Android device. For this you need to follow below given steps:

Step 1: Download the Z shadow app on your smartphone.

Step 2:  Go to security settings of your mobile device.

Step 3: Enable the installation of ‘unknown sources’

Step 4: Open the folder in which you downloaded the file and tap it.

Step 5: Installation of application will begin accept all the pop-up during the installation process and on completion you will get a notification ‘installation complete’.

Z Shadow Sign Up

After installation of the app, the first thing that you need to do is to open the Z shadow register form and provide the desired information to get z-shadow hack ID.

You need to provide a valid information on Z shadow sign up form and it requires following info:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Valid Email Address
  • Age
  • Country

Z Shadow Sign In and Hack Guide

This is where actual hacking process of Z Shadow begins. Follow the below given steps to hack Facebook account:

Step 1: Sign in to your z shadow account.

Step 2: Go to z-shadow.us home page and there you will see different links.

Step 3: Copy the link of the social media service that you are interested to hack.

Step 4: Write an attractive message like “click on the link below to get 10 free bitcoins” and paste the link with it.

Step 5: Send the message and link to the person whose account you want to hack with Z shadow apk.

When the targeted person will given on the link, his/her login and password will be automatically stored in your Z shadow victims tab.

You can access the credentials anytime you want by simply logging in your Z Shadow account.

You can follow same steps for Z shadow Instagram hack and for hacking other famous social media accounts.

Final Words

Z Shadow is an amazing online utility that allows you to hack Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram and many more type of accounts in just minutes. Best thing is you don’t need any expertise for using this tool. A basic knowledge of using internet is enough to hack any account. Z Shadow APK is the Android application of the web based tool. All the features in the app are similar to the one that are available on its official website. Simply register and account, copy the link and send it to the target person. This how simple its usage is.

Final Fantasy A New Empire Mod Apk | Review, Details and Features

Final Fantasy A New Empire Mod ApkFinal Fantasy is one of the most popular gaming series. Game developers, Square Enix recently released game’s new version named Final Fantasy XV A New Empire for Android devices. Here we are going to share the details of mod apk version of the game. Game’s first edition was released in year 2000 on multiple platforms and since then it has become the favorite game of all gamer.

Final Fantasy A New Empire Mod Apk Review & Details

Final Fantasy A New Empire mod apk provides gamer unlimited everything which results in infinite fun and entertainment. All the missions will be unlocked right from the beginning in the modified version of the game.

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This game will definitely will help you in recalling your memories from the past. You can enjoy playing game with your favorite characters Vivi and Quina. You need to defeat the wicked force in the game to save the world from destruction.

  • Name: Final Fantasy XV A New Empire Mod Apk.
  • Developer: Epic Action LLC
  • Updated: June 15, 2018
  • File size:
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+
  • Version:
  • Requirements: Android 4.1 or Above
  • Rating: 4.0

Download Final Fantasy XV APK

Final Fantasy XV Mod Apk Features

  • Final Fantasy mod apk is developed to relive the adventure and entertainment with Zidane.
  • You will find lot of characters that will make you jump to your childhood.
  • The mysterious secrets of Crystal are unveiled in the Final Fantasy XV.
  • The game has amazing graphics and gaming experience is also very realistic.
  • Installing the final fantasy XV hack version provides unlimited coins and unlock all hidden characters.
  • ‘User controls are also very simple and can be learned very quickly.

Final Words

Relive your childhood memories and install the Final Fantasy XV apk right now. You will have unlimited fun and entertainment and will definitely enjoy playing with your favorite characters.

Download Bcmon APK | Review, Details and Features

Download Bcmon APKBcmon APK is an application for Android devices that enables the monitor mode your Android supported smartphone. The monitor mode activates computers on a wireless network and the bcmon application acts as an access point. Here we are going to discuss some of the key features of the app along with a download link.

Bcmon APK Review and Details

Bcmon for Android works only on rooted devices. For this you need to perform rooting on your device and you can do it using Kingo Root. There are few other apps like Framaroot or Towelroot. You can perform one click rooting using the mentioned apps. If your smartphone is already rooted then go ahead, download and install the application.

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You don’t need to perform the kernel compilation if you want to download and install the latest version of bcmon app on your Android device.

App Name Bcmon App
App Version v 2.0
Android Version v 2.3+
Last Updated 11 April 2018
Price Free
Official Website XDA
Availability Apk Available
Root Required Yes
Platform Android
No. of Downloads 1,458,400+

Download Bcmon App

BCmon Installation Requirements

  • You must have a rooted Android device.
  • Latest version of Reaver installed on your device
  • Bcmon apk file.
  • Working Internet connection.

How to Install BCmon APK

Here is a step by step guide to install the Bcmon Android app on your smartphone:

  1. Download Bcmon Apk file from the link posted above.
  2. Wait for few seconds for the completion of downloading the apk file.
  3. Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option from phone’s security setting before proceeding to installing the application.
  4. Open the download folder and launch the apk file to start the installation process.
  5. Once the process is completed you will find the Bcmon icon on your homescreen.

If you face any issue while installing the app, fell free to write us.

Fire Up APK – Review, Features and Details

Fire Up APKThere are tons of action games available in Google Play Store but if you are looking for the best one then you should install Fire Up APK. The game is filled with all the necessary things that a good action game must possess. Fire up provides action that you have never experience before. The firing of bullets and destroying different items is done in a totally new manner. You need to blow up the blocks by targeting and shooting them. Destroy the block s that comes in your way and move forward. There are no limits in the game, all that matters is how far can you go??

Fire Up APK Review and Details

Fire Up Apk game play is very interesting and all you have to do is to aim and fire the balls that comes in your way to clear the passage and move forward. Aiming the balls rightly can take them out in a single shot all you need is a focus. Apart from shooting you can also do customize the tank you are using to shoot. Upgrading tank will make your shooting power more strong. Just download and install the Fire Up APK on your Android device and begin the action right now.

  • App Name: Fire Up APK
  • Category: Free Action GAME
  • Latest Version: 1.3
  • Publish Date: 2018-11-16
  • Requirements: Android 4.4+

Download Fire Up

Features of Fire Up for Android

  • Here we are enlisting the key features of Fire Up APK for Android:
  • You can choose from different types of tanks and enjoy the game.
  • You can customize and upgrade the tanks to make their shooting and strength more powerful.
  • The graphics and background music is quite entertaining.
  • It occupies only few MBs of your device storage and provides unlimited fun.

Final Words

Fire Up APK is a best combo of action and entertainment. Download the game now and start destroying everything that comes in your way. The amazing gameplay and features of Fire Up will always keep you on the edge of your seat. Download the best shooting game for Android device and have fun.

How to Create an Apple ID without Credit Card

Having an Apple ID is very important for iOS device users. It helps in accessing all the Apple services like iTune, App Store and iCloud. If you don’t have an ID, you won’t be able to access these services and especially can’t download applications on your device.

Few year ago, it is was mandatory to link a credit card with your Apple account. But now the time has changes, the Redmond Company let users to create an Apple ID without credit card. This allows people to download and install free apps available on app store.

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Create Apple ID Without Credit Card

Here we are going to post a step by step guide on creating an Apple ID without credit card and download free content:

Step 1: Sign out from Apple ID, if you have already signed in any.

Step 2: Open the App Store and tap on any Free application. You can tap on any free just to create an ID and can uninstall it later.

Step 3: When installation of the application will begin the App Store will ask you to sign in your account or create a new ID. Simply tap on create a new Apple ID.

Step 4: Select your country and region and tap next.

Step 5: Now tap on Agree button twice to accept all the terms and conditions.

Step 6: Fill the form to create a new Apple account. You need to enter a valid email address, password, date of birth, and security questions to make account more secure.

NOTE: Use the email address that is not previously used for creation of Apple ID.

Step 7: In billing option make sure that you select the “None” option and then enter your billing address.

Step 8: You will receive a confirmation email from Apple, click on the link given in the email to verify your ID.

That’s It! Now you can access App Store and download all the free applications on your iPhone and iPad.

Hope you will like this guide, don’t forget to give us your feedback in comments section.

How to Activate Call Forwarding on iPhone

How to Activate Call Forwarding on iPhoneCall forwarding is one of the most interesting features in the iPhone. It is very handy in case when you want your iOS device to ring on your land line number of office or home phone for any reason.

Well, setting up call forwarding iPhone is very easy and can be done in few taps. Now without much ado below we are sharing a complete guide on how to activate call forwarding on iPhone.

Setting Up Call Forwarding iPhone

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down in the menu and tap on Phone icon.

Step 3: Select the Call Forwarding option.

Step 4: Now move the Call Forwarding slider to activate the feature.

Step 5: Tap on Forward To and type the phone number on which you want the call to be forwarded.

Step 6: Tap the back option and the call forwarding number will be displaying on your phone’s scree.

That’s It! You have successfully activate the call forwarding option on iPhone and all your calls will ring on the forwarding number.

If you want to disable call forward features on your device. Follow the above listed procedure and tap the Call Forward bar to disable the option.

Final Words

Call Forwarding is a very useful option in the iPhone and you can use it at your convenient. Hope you like this guide, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments.


Download Christmas Live Wallpaper Full APK | Review, Features and Details

Download Christmas Live Wallpaper Full APKToday, we are sharing a very handy application that can be useful for you on Merry Christmas 2018. You can download Christmas live wallpaper full apk and get tons of images for free. Wish all your loved and dear ones by sending them beautiful Christmas pics through Whatsapp and Facebook. This will make them feel special. This application can be easily installed on all Android devices.

Christmas Live Wallpaper Full APK Review

Now getting latest Christmas wallpapers is very easy. Simply download and install the Christmas wallpapers application on your Android phone from the Google Play Store and start downloading the hd quality images directly on your smartphone. You can set the wallpapers as your mobile home screen or can share it with your friends, family and relatives to wish them Christmas 2018. Here are some important details that you must know before installing the appellation on your phone:

  • Name: Christmas Live Wallpaper Full Apk
  • Developer: Jetblack Software
  • Updated: December 23, 2017
  • File size: 3 MBs
  • Downloads: 1 Million+
  • Version: varies
  • Requirements: varies
  • Rating: 4.9

Download Christmas Live Wallpaper Full App

Once you will install the application on your device, you will find Christmas wallpapers in 3 different categories:

  • Christmas Live Wallpaper
  • 3D Live Wallpaper For Christmas
  • Christmas Night Live Wallpaper

Features of Christmas Live Wallpapers Full

  • Christmas tree animated wallpapers
  • Sparkling multi-color Christmas tree pictures
  • Christmas countdown scene
  • Countdown clock with Christmas tree
  • Sky Lanterns scene
  • 3D Fireworks scene
  • And lots more to play with!

Final Words

Christmas Live Wallpaper Full is a beautiful application for Android device users. Installing this app will allow you download 3D and live wallpapers for the Christmas 2018. You will find thousands of HD wallpapers that you can get for free.

Download Kingo Root APK – Features, How to Download and Install

Download Kingo Root APKKingo Root APK is one of the most famous applications that is use for rooting Android devices. The rooting app has a very simple and easy to understand interface. King Root is suitable for people having different level of expertise. One of the top benefits of using this application is, you can unlock all the hidden features, boost the device speed, battery performance and customize the appearance.

Key Features of Kingo Root APK

You can download and install the latest version of Kingo Root APK for android devices having OS 4.1 or above. It only requires 20MBs of mobile space. After installation of the King Root on your device, you can performing Android rooting easily.

Download and install Z Shadow Hack APK to steal anyone’s Facebook account.

  • Name: Kingo Root App
  • Developer: Kingo Root
  • Updated: 2018
  • File size: 1.8 MBs
  • Downloads: 10, 00,000+
  • Version: 5.0.1
  • Requirements: Android 4.4 or Above
  • Rating: 4

Below we are listing down the key features of Kingo Root apk:

  • This is a top app for unlocking the hidden features.
  • Kingo root apk provides a complete range of root-only applications.
  • It automatically uninstall the bloatware.
  • You can customize the appearance as per your comfort level.
  • You can enjoy smooth experience without being interrupted by ads.
  • The application boost your phone speed and battery performance.

How to Download Kingo Root APK

For all the tech fellows out there, below we are posting the step by step guide to download and install King Root on Android phone:

Step 1: Download the Kingo Root APK from here.

Step 2: Now open the security settings of your Android device and unable installation of “Unknown Sources”. To do so you need to open Settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources

Step 3: Now open the folder in which you download the Kingo Root app, and run the apk file to begin installation process.

Wait for few seconds and installation of King Root apk will be completed and you will be notified as well. After installation, jump on to your phone’s home screen and launch the application by tapping on “One Click Root”.

Final Words

Free download the Kingo Root new version for all Android devices and start rooting your phone to unlock all the hidden features.

Download YouTube Go APK | Review, Features and Details

Download YouTube Go APKYouTube Go APK is a very popular application that allows user to download YouTube videos in HD and SD quality. It is one of the highly demanded apps and famous among people who frequently use YouTube. This is not limited to downloading videos, this app also allows to download the MP3 version of your favorite video. Another interesting feature of this YouTube apk is to allow users to watch videos in popup window and download multiple clips in background.

YouTube Go Review and Details

You can watch the video in low quality 144p to HD quality 1080p as per your convenience. You can also convert YouTube videos to MP3 within the app and download the audio MP3 file of it. The application also allows you to control brightness of video and adjust the volume as per your requirement. YouTube Go also act as a music player, you can play any video and move it to background and do your work.

  • Name: YouTube Go Apk.
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Updated: 05.12.17
  • File size: 43 MBs
  • Downloads: 740,000 +
  • Version: 12.10.60-3.5U
  • Requirements: Android 4.1 or Above
  • Rating: 4


If you are fond of downloading YouTube videos free then you should install the YouTube GO for Android devices. All you need is WIFI or mobile data connectivity to download your favorite video from YT. The application also allows user to enable the subtitles in the video. Once you will start using YouTube GO app, you will surely fall in love with it.

Features of YouTube Go APK New Version

Below we are listing down some of the most amazing features of YouTube GO apk:

  • You can download your favorite videos in SD and HD quality. The video quality ranges from 144p to 1080p.
  • User can also convert their favorite music videos into mp3 format.
  • One of the most interesting features of YouTube GO apk is the playing videos in background.
  • To maintain your privacy, the application also allows you to clear history of recently watched videos.
  • YouTubeGo apk provides best and smooth video streaming experience to all its users.
  • It is a very light weight app and only consume few MBs of your Android device.

Final Words

If you are a YouTube lover and fond of watching videos online, then you should download and install YouTube GO apk on your Android device. It allows you to download videos from YouTube in different qualities, enable video subtitles, converting videos into MP3, and much more.

Bombsquad APK for Android | Review, Details and Features

Bombsquad APK for AndroidBombsquad is a multiplayer, fun, and action game that is available in Google Playstore for all Android devices. The mission of this game is to defeat your enemies using bombs, fists, and vicious fights. The game is packed with lot of interesting and amazing features that will make you glued to your smartphone screen.

Bombsquad APK for Android Review

You can download the Bomb Squad directly from the Google Playstore or can manually download and install Bombsquad apk file. The game is designed, developed and published by Eric Froemling. Below are some important details related to the fun action game:

  • App Name: Bombsquad APK
  • File Size: 52 MB
  • Developer: Eric Froemling
  • OS Version: Android 4.3 or above
  • Last Updated: September 21, 2018

You can watch the game trailer below:

You can easily download and install the game on following devices:

  • Android
  • Macintosh operating systems
  • Ouya

Download Bombsquad APK

People who love to play multiplayer games with family and friends, must download the Bombsquad. The game also has three different modes:

  • Cooperative – In this mode you can do the teamwork with your friends to beat the enemy and win reward points and gifts.
  • Team – In team mode, players are divided into two teams and they face each other in six different rounds which includes fighting, capture-the-flag etc..
  • Free-for-all – In this mode, every man is for himself, means you have to defeat all the players to win the game.

So basically, gameplay in all the three modes is same but method and strategy of winning the game is different in each mode.

Features of Bombsquad

  • Variety of game modes will never let you get bore and you will fall in love with this game.
  • The game is especially designed to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Bombsquad has a very interactive user interface and you will quickly learn the basic features and gameplay.
  • In the game you can customize your character and make it reflect your personality.
  • Gaming controls are simple and you can learn them quickly as well.

Bombsquad Mod APK

Some developers has also created the mod apk version of the game that gives users access to unlimited tickets and unlimited money. You can use this to upgrade player skills and unlock all hidden features of the game. Most of the people love to download and install the Bombsquad mod apk unlimited tickets version of the game.

Note: We don’t promote installation of bombsquad hack version, we share the information for education purpose only.

Final Words

If you want to have fun with your friend in free time then you should install Bombsquad apk for Android devices and also invite your friends to join you in the game. You can team up with them to destroy the enemies or can play against each other to become a universal champion.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile APK – Review, Features and Details

Football Manager 2019 Mobile APKFootball Manager 2019 Mobile APK that is also known as FM is on of top rated football games available for Android. The soccer game is famous among online gamers due to its amazing features and graphics. Football Manager APK is developed by Sports Interactive and SEGA is the publisher of the game. The developers releases a new version of the game every year, which includes new features and major updates to provide an improved gaming experience to all its users.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile APK Details

  • Name: Football Manager 2019 Apk
  • Developer: SEGA.
  • Updated: November 1, 2018
  • File size: 18.00 MB
  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Version: 10.0.2
  • Requirements: Android 4.1 or Above
  • Rating: 3.8

Football Manager Mobile 2019 is the latest version of the football game. The newer version of the game include additional leagues, tournaments, and players. The players are equipped with new skills, new moves and you can upgrade player skills to high level as well. You can enjoy playing Football Manager on following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows PC

Newer version of Football Manager 2019 provides users a complete team managing options that doubles the fun of the game. You can compile your dream 11 team, train them and play against different football clubs and teams.

The developers of FMM 2019 APK released the two versions of the game, one is mobile and second is touch version. The mobile version is compatible with smartphones and the touch version for other touch devices like tablets and big screen.

Download Football Manager 2019

Features of Football Manager Mobile 2019

  • Graphics and amazing animations are the most highlighted feature because it makes the gaming experience much better.
  • User can enjoy 50+ football leagues and tournaments.
  • You can transfer new players and upgrade their skills to strengthen your team’s performance.
  • FMM 2019 include players that gives a real life look, their actions looks real that makes the game more realistic than all other games available in Google Play Store.
  • Football Manager Apk is available in different languages: English, German, French, Latin, Spanish, etc…
  • Gaming controls are very simple and easy to understand.
  • The game has a great background music and commentary.
  • Upgrade your team players with latest kits and logos.

Final Words

Football Manager 2019 is the best football game of the year. Enjoy playing with real life players in different leagues and tournaments. The best thing about this game is every players has its own moves and actions and this is what, that makes the game more realistic and entertaining.

Fortnite for Android – Review, Features and Details

Fortnite for Android – Review, Features and DetailsFortnite is one of the most famous online video games developed and published by Epic Games. This survival game was first released in 2017 and got a huge success. In less than a year over 100 million players installed the game. The action game has also received positive ratings from the critics and ruling the charts.

Fortnite for Android

Fornite APK allows players from around the world to join the game and battle for survival. You can collection variety of weapons and armors to save yourself from enemies.

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You can enjoy Fortnite mobile Android on following platforms:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • iOS
  • Android

Fortnite Details

Below we are mentioning some important details related to power action game Fortnite.

  • Name: Fortnite Android App
  • Developer: Epic Game
  • Updated: 2018
  • File size:
  • Downloads: Around A Billion
  • Version: Latest
  • Requirements: Android 4.2 or Above
  • Rating: 5

Here is a trailer of Fortnite, you must watch it before downloading the game:

Installation Requirements

Playing Fortnite on phone minimum installation requirements for Android are given below:

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop or latest
  • 3 GB free storage space
  • 3 GB RAM for smooth gaming experience
  • GPU Adreno 530 or better
  • Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or better

Fortnite App Android Review and Features

  • The mobile game has an amazing gameplay and it will always keep you at the edge of your seat.
  • Using your v-bucks (internal currency) in the game, you can also make purchases in the game. You can buy items like weapons, skins, heroes, and emotes.
  • Latest version of Fortnite android apk provides a realistic gaming experience.
  • Game controls are very simple and easy to understand. You will learn it in couple of sessions.
  • Fortnite is loved by millions of people due to its graphics because it gives a real feel.
  • The game has a cartoonish style gameplay and contains some violence as well.

Fortnite Game Modes

  • Fortnite: Save the World – This mode is for up to four players.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale – In this mode up to 100 players fight to be the last person standing.

Final Words

Fortnite apk is the famous survival, battle royale game that has over 100 million downloads. Popular gaming sites like Common Sense Media, IGN, and Metacritic have given this game positive rating. Fortnite has very interesting gameplay and different gaming modes. You can download and install the game on Android and iOS devices to enjoy gaming on the go.

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Tubi TV APK for Android Devices | Review & Features

Tubi TV APK for Android Devices | Review & FeaturesWant to enjoy thousands of movies and TV series for free? Simply download and install Tubi TV APK for Android devices. Tubi is a San Francisco based company that offers video on demand service.This live streaming application is 100% legal and provide HD streaming of movies, sports, and TV series without any subscription or use of credit cards.

Tubi TV Review

Tubi TV provides user a complete freedom of watching their favorite TV channels online without any interruption of ads. You can also create a list of your favorite channels and enjoy watching them whenever you want to.

Tubi TV offers a huge variety of channels that you can live stream on your smartphone, tablet and other Android devices. Watch award winning movies, TV series, cartoons, live sports events and much more by downloading Tubi.

  • Name: Tubi TV Apk.
  • Developer: Tubi.
  • Updated: October 11, 2018.
  • File size: 14 Mbs.
  • Downloads: 1 Billion+
  • Version: 2.14.3.
  • Requirements: Android 4.1 or Above.
  • Rating: 4.3.

New TV shows and movies in HD quality are added every week. So it will keep you entertaining on the go. You just need to sign up for an account which is totally free, a stable internet connect and start watching TV channel from different categories.

Tubi TV Features

There are many interesting features of Tubi TV apk, below we are listing down some of the key features of the application:

  • Stream your favorite movies and TV shows on multiple devices i.e Amazon Fire TV, Android devices, Xbox, Playstation, Chromecast, and many more.
  • You can also add your favorite movies and TV series in queue, which you can enjoy later with your family and friends.
  • You can enjoy watching newly release super hit movies from Hollywood for free.
  • Create a list of your favorite TV channels and watch them whenever and wherever you want.
  • The Tubi TV app is absolutely free. It doesn’t require any payment or any kind of subscription to start live streaming.
  • Watch movies from your favorite Hollywood studios and stars on the go.

You can download Tubi TV from Google Playstore or can download the APK file of the application to install it manually on your Android device.


Tubi TV download will allows you to watch your favorite TV channel online. You can live stream latest movie, TV shows, cooking shows, live sports events and more on your Android device. So, without much ado simply download and install the Tubi app, right now!

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