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Have you ever thought to hack someone’s Facebook or Gmail account? If yeas,  then you might have heard that hacking is not a piece of cake and requires some extraordinary skills to get access of others ID.

Ethical hacking is a complete subject that is taught in colleges and universities. People spend many years to learn and practice how to hack.

But what if I tell you, that you don’t need to study anything or grab any skill to hack Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Gmail account? YES, you can do it!

You can easily gain access to someone’s login and password with the help of a utility known as Z Shadow APK app. Z-Shadow hacker is a tool that allows people to hack different social media accounts in just few clicks.

Originally its an online tool (zshadow.info) but now the utility is available for Android devices that you can download free and start the hacking process on the go.

What is Z Shadow?

If you type query in google search bar “how to hack Facbook” you will come to know that millions of people on daily basis search for this term. Which makes it the hottest search term in world’s largest search engine.

Every person has its own reasons for hacking FB or Gmail ID. You will find many ways for getting others account login and password but after testing, we believe Z shadow hacker is the best and most easiest way.

Z-Shadow hack is a web based tool that allows users to gain access to someone’s account credentials. And Z Shadow APK is the Android version of the tool, that you can install on your device to perform hacking from your smartphone.

Here we are going to post a URL to download Z-Shadow apk app and will also share a method of installing the application and how to use it on your mobile phone.

Download Z Shadow APK

Z shadow app is the Android version of the famous online Facebook hacking tool known as Z-Shadow hack. You don’t need special skills for the use of this application, its usage is very easy and allows you to perform hacking on the go.

Z Shadow Hack Features

Well, honestly speaking there isn’t much difference between the Z shadow hacker online tool and its application for Android.

It allows you to perform Facebook hacking directly from your smartphone.

Below we are enlisting some interesting features that you will enjoy after installation of z-shadow apk file on your device.

  • You can download and install Z shadow app for free.
  • It allows you to hack Facebook account on the go, from your smartphone.
  • The interface of the app is user friendly and easy to understand. This makes hacking process much easier.
  • You don’t have to create phishing links as they are automatically created, when you login your account.
  • Simply go for Z Shadow sign up and the rest of the process is very simple and easy.

How to Use Z Shadow APK

After downloading the application you need to install it on your Android device. For this you need to follow below given steps:

Step 1: Download the Z shadow app on your smartphone.

Step 2:  Go to security settings of your mobile device.

Step 3: Enable the installation of ‘unknown sources’

Step 4: Open the folder in which you downloaded the file and tap it.

Step 5: Installation of application will begin accept all the pop-up during the installation process and on completion you will get a notification ‘installation complete’.

Z Shadow Sign Up

After installation of the app, the first thing that you need to do is to open the Z shadow register form and provide the desired information to get z-shadow hack ID.

You need to provide a valid information on Z shadow sign up form and it requires following info:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Valid Email Address
  • Age
  • Country

Z Shadow Sign In and Hack Guide

This is where actual hacking process of Z Shadow begins. Follow the below given steps to hack Facebook account:

Step 1: Sign in to your z shadow account.

Step 2: Go to z-shadow.us home page and there you will see different links.

Step 3: Copy the link of the social media service that you are interested to hack.

Step 4: Write an attractive message like “click on the link below to get 10 free bitcoins” and paste the link with it.

Step 5: Send the message and link to the person whose account you want to hack with Z shadow apk.

When the targeted person will given on the link, his/her login and password will be automatically stored in your Z shadow victims tab.

You can access the credentials anytime you want by simply logging in your Z Shadow account.

You can follow same steps for Z shadow Instagram hack and for hacking other famous social media accounts.

Final Words

Z Shadow is an amazing online utility that allows you to hack Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram and many more type of accounts in just minutes. Best thing is you don’t need any expertise for using this tool. A basic knowledge of using internet is enough to hack any account. Z Shadow APK is the Android application of the web based tool. All the features in the app are similar to the one that are available on its official website. Simply register and account, copy the link and send it to the target person. This how simple its usage is.

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